Green Control

GreenControl by ENTEF

Total control and monitoring of the energy consumption in lighting systems and other devices.

Utilize technology, reduce costs, reduce the energy footprint and operate friendlier to the environment.

GreenControl by ENTEF is a completed system of supervision and control for lighting and other energy efficient devices through which you can have:

  • Central control and recording of the energy consumption.
  • Ability for central management of orders (on & off) and ensuring of the optimal operating conditions.
  • Program for replacing older technology lighting with LED technology extremely lower power or with other energy-efficient lamp technologies.
  • Ability to expand with the use of a special tent that has a photovoltaic membrane without the installation restrictions of the conventional solar panels

System description
GreenControl by ENTEF includes an environment of central control through a computer, which provides the possibility of monitoring the system in real time as well as distance control. The system has been designed, configured and tested by ENTEF in all its stages and extensions.

Supervision and control of the electrical devices.

The system is based on the installation of the devices ADDAX IMS, which are connected near the load we want to check (lighting or other device). Each device communicates via the existing wiring ( powerline) with a central router (which can manage up to 1000 devices) and can easily expand to cover larger needs. This solution, apart from the fact that it does not need new wiring, can operate in environments with more than one phase, while minimum interference with the existing electrical installation is required.

Lighting replacement

The GreenControl by ENTEF system suggests the replacement of the convention lamps with LED devices that consume less energy (that reaches the 1:10 in comparison to the bulb technology) and last more or less 60.000 hours reducing the costs of maintenance. Moreover, ENTEF supports the lighting devices with inductive technology that are known for their energy efficiency, their durability, while their cost today is much less than LED.

Tent installation / photovoltaic membrane

GreenControl by ENTEF expands multiplying the economic and environmental benefits, with the use of a special tent that embodies a photovoltaic membrane. It is a fabric in the form of a PVC tent, which is coated by a photovoltaic film. It is characterized by very low weight, making the tent ideal for installations in rooftops of metallic buildings that are unable to support conventional planes, due to their increased weight. The film is also an excellent material for creating blinds in parking and other open areas, without needing special urban setting for its installation.
Green Control

GreenControl by ENTEF came up after thoroughly researching the market in order to address the following issues:

  • The need to cut down the cost from the rapidly growing energy needs of business customers.
  • The need for central control that increases flexibility and reduces human error.
  • The need to reduce maintenance costs of electrical networks and especially lighting lines.
  • The need to reduce the energy footprint, not only for environmental reasons but for economical benefits as well that are related to the limitation and control of the generated pollutants.
  • The environmental sensibility of the companies and the consumers.


  • Significant cost saving by the limitation of the energy consumption that can be multiplied with the replacement of regular lighting bulbs by LED.
  • Impressive reduction of the maintenance needs of lighting devices and optimal programming of the maintenance or replacement.
  • Direct information on the energy consumption and at the same time the ability of control in a network that does not require new wiring.
  • Possibility of producing electrical energy from the photovoltaic for the company’s own consumption or for the connection with the network, offering cost reduction friendlier operation to the environment and higher services for the customers for example by converting open parking areas to shading areas.
  • Operation friendlier to the environment by the limitation of the energy footprint, the control of the emitted pollutants with the possibility of the use of the excess emissions.
  • Extensive promotion of a more environmentally friendly mode in public displays, corporate web sites and other actions that enhance the corporate image.


GreenControl by ENTEF is an ideal solution for:

  • Public lighting Organizations of local authority can address all the issues centrally. Issues of programming the lighting function, optimizing drastically the maintenance of their networks and of replacing conventional non efficient technologies.
  • Industrial installations Recording of the energy consumption and the possibility of the control of the use of lighting and other electrical devices. Possibility of extension with the use of a photovoltaic tent in roofs even of metallic buildings or in open private areas.
  • Office buildings, medium and large organizations Recording, costing and control of the shared lighting consumption, optimal maintenance programming and direct detection of problems. Large stores, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets Recording and supervision of the lighting and other electrical devices (e.g. refrigerators) with the possibility of the optimal operation (automatic transition to conditions of limited consumption during the off duty hours of operation). Possibility of upgrading the parking spaces with the creation of photovoltaic shading.

Regarding ENTEF Entef UG activates in the field of information technology and automation, providing innovative solutions to the Greek and international market, capable of bringing the enlarged value to its customers.

ENTEF solutions include:

Consumption control systems

Telemedicine systems

Product tracing systems

Specialized solutions in photovoltaic systems

Parking management systems

Electrical automation systems Intranet – internet applications

Computer equipment (marketing and support)


Our customers enjoy:

Technological innovation and solutions that apply to the specific needs of each project

Quality in the design and the utilization of the projects Responsible support and providing of expertise