Parking Guidance Outdoor System can effectively solve the problems of traditional parking lots. It uses vehicle occupancy detector to test the parking status of each parking space, guidance screen and parking info terminal inform the customers driving to the vacant parking space. It can reduce traffic congestion while quickening the vehicle turnover, which will help to raise the parking usage and income.

• The peak hour parking space occupancy will be increased by 8%

• Parking space utilization will be increased by 3%

• Carbon dioxide emissions will be decreased by 56%

• The operation cost will be decreased by 1-3%

Software Architecture & in-Field Devices

The Parking Guidance Outdoor System is a systems that uses data collectors, repeater, vehicle occupancy detector as well as other devices (presented in detail in the following pages) in order to guide the drivers to the closest available parking lot. The server collects the information about all the occupied and available parking lot and can depict and guide the driver via information signs to the available parking lot thus making his search quicker and easier.

In-Field Devices

Parking Bay Collector / Concentrator Device/ Sensors/ Terminal

Info Terminal

Integrated solutions for Parking Guidance System. The Parking Guidance, is fully compatible with the Parking Management System.